Ivan Savvidi congratulated Greeks on «Ochi Day»

Dear compatriots!

Every year on 28th of October we pay tribute to the memory of the Greek patriots who wrote heroic pages in the history of struggle against fascism.

77 years ago Greece took the first heat of Nazis, and despite unequal power, resisted.

This year I visited the War Museum in Thessaloniki where was shown a new side of heroic deeds of our compatriots- through peoples’ faith, deeds and decisions made in a critical moment.

The display of the War Museum emphasizes such indispensible features of Greek soul as sacrifice, loyalty, love for one’s neighbor and their motherland.

Our hearts are full of respect and gratitude to people who said «Ochi» to fascism.

We should do everything in power to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies despite the escalating aggression in the world.

I encourage you to say «No» to violence, terrorism and xenophobia which destruct the existing world order. Today we have to cherish peace, strengthen traditions of patriotism and service to the motherland.

With a feeling of deep sorrow, I bow my head in memory of those who didn't make it home from battle fields.

An imperishable memory of Greek heroes.

Ivan Savvidi

President of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks