Ivan Savvidi’s “Agrocom Group” will invest 165,1 million EURO in economy of the Rostov Region

“Agrocom Group” signed an agreement with Government of the Rostov region concerning cooperation for development of projects with total investments of 165,1 million EURO in the frameworks of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The package of projects includes building a new plant of “Atlantis-Pak”, transfer of Rostov Sausage Factory - “TAVR” from the centre of Rostov-on-Don to the industrial park in Bataysk, building of new logistic complex which will be specialized in food products and building of “Handball-Arena”- new venue of sports and entertainment events.

According to Sergey Sapotnitsky, general director of “Agrocom Group” production of barrier film located in Bataysk industrial park will be the second stage of “Atlantis-Pak” project for production of high barrier film for packaging perishable goods. The first stage was launched in the territory of “Atlantis-Pak” in the Rostov region was the high barrier films plant for food wrapping (total investment-6, 3 million EURO). A new plant will increase the volume of production up to 16 thousand tonnes. This project is included in the list “100 investment projects of the Rostov Region Governor”.

Investments to the transfer of sausage plant “TAVR” to the industrial park will be 62,9 million EURO. The capacity of production will increase by 20%.

“Agrocom Group” also plans to build a logistic complex of 40 thousand sq. meters which will be specialized in food products. The project investments account from 23,6 to 31,4 million EURO.

Legalization of lands for building of “Handball Arena” is in process now. Investments in this project will be about 15,7 million EURO. This complex will be the base for handball club “Rostov Don”.

Igor Burakov, head of the Investment Development Authority of the Rostov Region said that localization of several projects in the industrial park in Bataysk would create positive synergy both for the company and the whole industrial park. “Agrocom Group” aimed at development of its business areas such as meat-processing and producing of package, creates new investment opportunities for potential suppliers.