Ivan Savvidi was rewarded for his contribution to the development of Hellenism by the Greek Diaspora of the U.S.A. and Canada

Rewarding ceremony took place on 27th of February in the course of the visit of President of Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks in New York, where he participated in the Global Pontian Youth Forum.

In his opening speech Ivan Savvidi said: «It was worth a distance of 5 thousand miles to see the scale of the Greek Diaspora, their great ability to save their culture, traditions, language a long way from their historical homeland. It is the moment of truth when our unity and consolidation come first. We have to be strong, because Pontian Greeks have to take over the responsibility for creation of united inter-Orthodox space, restoration of historical justice, preservation of Pontian national identity-given that large and the most active portion of Greeks living outside the territory of Greece are Pontian Greeks. »

In the course of the meeting were discussed results of the 2nd Global Pontian Youth Forum, plan of activities dedicated to centenary of Pontic Genocide, initiative for creation of Committee of Young Scientists for Recognition of Genocide of Ottoman Greeks, problems of Modern Greek language study in countries of Diaspora, organization of the World Modern Greek Olympics and other questions essential for International Pontian movement.

Ivan Savvidi met outstanding representatives of the Greek Diaspora of the U.S.A.- the executive director of the Hellenic Institution, Mr. Laringakis, founder of the Greek-American Council, Mr.Muyaris, the president of the World Coordinating Committee «Justice for Cyprus».

and Mr. Christopher. They discussed possible actions for consolidation of Greeks living outside the territory of Greece and prospects of promotion issue of Greek genocide in the U.S.A. Congress.

Pontian Federation of the U.S.A. and Canada rewarded Ivan Savvidi for his contribution to the development of Hellenism during the Festival of Pontian Dances. Also he was rewarded as an outstanding Greek citizen on behalf of New York State.

Ivan Savvidi in his turn gifted original duplications of the Holy icon of The Virgin Mary Great Panagia to the Pontian Federation of the U.S.A. and Canada.

During his visit Ivan Savvidi met Archbishop Demetrios of America, archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Exarch of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, consul general of Greece in New York, Mr. Iliopulos, took part in the meeting in the Sumela Church in New Jersey.

On the date of match PAOK-Asteras Tripoli he met fans of FC «PAOK» and gifted them keepsakes devoted to 90th anniversary of the club.