Russian-Greek relations

Ivan Savvidi- Member of the Presidential Council of International Relations, President of the National Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia, Coordinator of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) of the countries of the Former Soviet Union, senior citizen of Greece.

· Coordination of activities of Greek communities in the frameworks of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia (more than 90 thousand of Greeks live in Russia, more than 60 social and national-cultural organizations are registered)

· Coordination of activities of Greek public organizations of the countries of the Former Soviet Union (in the territory of the post-Soviet states live more than 250 thousand ethnic Greeks)

· Interaction with Greek Parliament in the line of determination of the role and place of Greek expatriate community abroad, its participation in political, economic and social life of Greece. Proposals for reforming Greek legislation so far as it relates to pension system for Greek repatriate, status of nationals, and others.

· Initiation of series of political economic meetings concerning cooperation Russia and Greece: “Situation and aspects of Russia-Greece connections in economic and business sphere”, “Russian-German meeting of civil societies”, “Russia-Greece-Crete. Political economic and cultural cooperation. Aspects of development” etc.

· Renewal of cooperation in the line of international project “Twin cities”: in the frameworks of relations between administration of Rostov-on-Don and municipal government of Greek city Volos, participation in realization of Russia-wide program of cooperation between Russian and Greece twin cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Volos)

· Support of Orthodox programs and contribution to the development of world-wide Pontic Hellenism: organization of Patriarchic divine liturgy in Sumela Monastery (Trabzon Province, Turkey), organization of regular pilgrimage tours across sainted places of Greece, building of new temple complexes and financial support of reconstruction of Orthodox monuments of architecture, support of monasteries and parishes, participation in programs aimed to strengthen cultural health of Greeks.

· Help in emergency situations: financial and executive help for people who was hurt during mass fires in Greece, establishment of headquarters to help people who were hit by flood in Crymsk (Russia), realization of rehab program for children who were hit by flood in Crymsk on island Evbeya, help for nationals who were hit by flood in Australia, annual financial support for repatriate pensioners from the countries of the Former Soviet Union, living in the territory of Greece.

· Support of the development of tourism: organization of annual vacations in Greece for children from orphan houses of Russia, program “Greece for 1000 Russians”, organization of young generation meetings, forums, festivals in the territory of Greece, development of historical and pilgrimage tours.

· Work in the line of preservation of historical memory: participation in reconstruction of Russian cemetery and opening of memorial on island Lemnos, reconstruction of the temple complex and creation of ethno-settlement in Greek settlement Laki (Crimean peninsula, Russia), support of projects that are aimed to remembrance of outstanding Russian activists of Greek origin, participation in project of reconstruction of museum-archeological complex “Tanais- ancient city” (Rostov region, Russia).

· Support of educational projects: realization of educational projects for study of Greek language in Russian universities and Russian language in universities of Greece, carrying of conferences and international seminars for professors of Greek language, organization of tour for graduates of Rostov medicine to island Kos with aim of giving the Hippocratic oath, support of the projects concerning publishing of Greek poets and writers in Russian language, realization of the project “Greek martyrology”, support of the department of Slavic languages in the State Athena’s University (project is in development).

· Work in the line of preservation of national-cultural values and traditions: support of print media and web portals with national-cultural content, organization of international festivals, contribution to the organization national dance and song formations in the territory of Russia, assistance in organization of tours of Greek performers in the territory of the post-Soviet states.