“Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi” was founded in 2000. The total sum of charitable donations makes about 120 million Rubles per year.

One of the main directions of Fundation’s activities is the financial support of traditional religious communities- reconstruction and building churches, organization of pilgrimage trips, and financial support of orthodox educational institutions.

Another direction is connected with social sphere- financial support of families in need, charity in educational sphere, medicine and sports.

Thus according to Ivan Savvidi’s initiative was built the Church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, was founded “Academy of football of V. Ponedelnik”. Besides take place annual festival for fosterlings “Paskhalniy Perezvon” (Easter event) and festival for creative young people "FARSH", established scholarship fund for promotion of talented young people, take place international festival "Ya, ty, on, ona- vmeste tselaya strana" with active participation of different Diasporas of the Rostov region.