Ivan Savvidi is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of  the “Agrocom Group” Holding Company that was founded in 2004. Holding Company is located in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

"Agrocom Group" has assets of  food industry, agricultural sector, package industry, retail trading.

"Agrocom Group" incorporates more than 40 enterprises. General number of employees is exceeding 15 thousand people. Total gross sales of "Agrocom Group" is about 1302 million Euros per year and annual tax assignments into the country's budgets- 684 million Euros.

“Agrokom group” makes the list of 200 Russian biggest companies according to Forbes magazine.

In the structure of the "Agrocom Group" Holding Company there are:

· Meat business-complex (Group of Companies «TAVR»)

· International Casing Company «Atlantis-Pak»

· Agricultural business-complex ( Greenhouse and Fishery facilities)

· Mineral and Drinking Water Manufacturing Facility «Akva-Don»

· Strategic partner, acts as an exclusive distributor in main business areas (Group of Companies “Millenium”)

· Other companies